I fly back to the Rockies after a work tour in the north. It’s dark when I touch down at Calgary International. I fetch my car from long-term parking, grab a late night mocha, and begin the drive to my mountain home.  I haven’t slept more than four consecutive hours in weeks and I feel … More Winterstoke

Waiting For Monday…

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I used to smoke cigarettes. Gross. I bartended my way through art school (back in the day when you could smoke in bars); smoking, drinking, and living a generalized unhealthy lifestyle that frequently included 3am pizza and poutine. 10 years after quitting smoking, and … More Waiting For Monday…

Bee Happy

I’ve always believed in manifesting your own reality.  When you’re presented with something out of your comfort zone, whether it be workout or regular life, and choose to throw your hands up and say, “I’m overwhelmed…” or “I’m anxious…” then you will be.  Your body and your thoughts are connected. If you tell yourself you … More Bee Happy

Body Image and Self Worth… Aka – Fear and Loathing in Toronto

I was thinking today about self perception… As a fairly modest and reserved individual, I used to think that talking about myself and my accomplishments would be perceived as arrogant, and sharing my past hardships as whiny. But if we all stop telling our stories, how do we learn from each other? How do we … More Body Image and Self Worth… Aka – Fear and Loathing in Toronto

Rite of Passage

That moment when you’re trying to have a casual conversation about winter adventures with the nurse with the nice eyes, and you’re so high on ketamine that you can’t speak properly…. that’s surgery. The operating room nurse smiled with his eyes (which was all I could see under his face mask) gave my hand a … More Rite of Passage

Han Solo

With double knee surgery in mid-December, I was unceremoniously handed my hat and asked to leave the ski season. Yet on a snowy Tuesday before the scheduled date, I found myself donning brand new skins on my powder skis and a new set of Demon Dirt knee pads over my bionic woman knee braces. When … More Han Solo